Physiotherapy uses exercise, manual therapy and therapeutic modalities to promote mobility and stability. H2H Wellness Centers utilizes ergonomic stretching, core stabilization, cervical traction, dynamic stretching, isometric exercises, kinesiotaping, electronic nerve stimulation devices and therapeutic ultrasound to achieve these goals.

Ergonomic stretching effectively allows patients to complete stretching routine while both seated and standing. It improves flexibility, coordination by alleviating muscle tension. Key muscle groups such as legs, lower back, upper back and shoulders can be targeted.

Core stabilization is achieved with performing exercises on both wobble disc and stability ball. The unstable surface requires the use of muscles to stay balanced thereby promoting core stability, strengthening muscle tone, improve balance and posture.  This aids in relieving midback and lower back pain.

Cervical Traction has been proven to reduce anterior head carriage, decrease neck pain and aid in the relief of tension headaches. H2H Wellness Centers uses a cervical remodeling collar that enables ambulatory postural remodeling to correct the cervical curve. It can also help prevent or treat Dowager’s Hump also known as Back Hump.

Dynamic stretching uses a multi-looped stretch strap to increase flexibility and range of motion. This strap supports classic static stretches and allows for dynamic movement. Ideal for athletes, dancers, cheerleaders, gymnasts, runners, pilates and yoga participants.

Isometric exercises use blocks to deepen stretches and improve flexibility. This aids in the reduction of anterior head carriage, head/torso translations as well as reduce injury and muscle strains. Our Chiropractic uses posture analysis and posture pictures to determine which exercises are recommended.

Kinesiotaping decompresses an area by microscopically lifting the skin away from the muscle and fascia to reduce swelling and minimize pain. It can assist with various conditions such as plantar fasciitis, knee pain, shoulder pain, pregnancy pain, shin splints, tennis/golfers elbow. It can be worn while swimming or in the shower and lasts up to 5 days. Our chiropractor is specially trained to apply the tape effectively.

Electrical nerve stimulation also known as TENS machines works by using stimulating pulses across the skin surface to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. Higher levels of Endorphins or natural painkillers can be produced by uses a TENS machine.

Therapeutic Ultrasound is used to deep heat soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments. This deep heat increases blood flow to the treated area thereby promoting faster healing times.