What is the Best Time to Get an Adjustment: Before or After Exercise?

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Did you know that there is an optimum time to get a chiropractic adjustment? A lot of my clients enjoy regular exercise, and I want them to stay fit! They often bring up the question, “Should I exercise before or after a chiropractor adjustment?”

Here is my answer: I suggest that you get adjusted prior to going for a run or doing a full-body workout.

After an adjustment, your spine is in the proper position and you have more mobility. Your body will benefit more from the workout and exercise routine if you are in proper alignment. Making sure that you have symmetry on both sides of your body will add to your exercise! Your body can respond quicker and reduce your risk of injury.

Example: If you are doing squats, planks or weight lifting, you want to make sure that your muscles respond equally. You want both feet firmly on the floor during squats and your hips to be straight. Oftentimes, people do not have equal pressure from both feet, or one leg may appear to be shorter than the other. The same goes for wall-sits or planks. You want equal pressure to avoid hurting yourself and to get maximum benefit from the exercise. Especially while weight lifting, you want to ensure that all muscle groups are working equally and one isn’t being stressed more than the other. Getting an adjustment before you go will help you achieve better physical form and physical resilience.

Consider chiropractic to be similar to a warm-up or stretching your muscles. It helps to have your muscles ready to respond to exercise.

Here is another questions I often get at my chiropractic office, in regard to exercise:

“Will exercising after an adjustment make my body out of alignment again?”

It is possible that your exercise could knock your body out of alignment, however, the risk is greater if you don’t get adjusted at all. The solution is to get adjusted weekly so that your body will learn how it should feel to be to be in alignment and then you will recognize what it feels like when you are out of sync. Getting regular adjustments helps you stay healthy and keep your body function properly!

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