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Pregnancy and the Chiropractic Connection

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Chiropractors are physicians trained to detect and correct subluxations in the spine. A subluxation (which can result from physical, chemical, and mental stressors) occurs when spinal vertebrae shift creating irritation on nearby nerves. This prevents the body from functioning optimally. To remove nervous system interference, improve spinal function and overall health and wellness, a chiropractor gives patients an adjustment to correct any subluxations.

Is Chiropractic care safe during pregnancy? Yes. Dr. Latrice has been trained in the physical changes that occur within a pregnant woman’s body. She also has a lot of adjusting experience.

How Often Should a Pregnant Woman Get a Chiropractic Adjustment? This varies. Treatment recommendations can range from 2-3 times per week, to once a month.

What is another benefit of a chiropractic adjustment for a pregnant woman? One research study showed that patients under consistent chiropractic care had decreased labor times by 24-39%!

Some examples of the chiropractic connection to conditions that commonly affect women during pregnancy.

Chiropractic Adjustments to these areas Benefit the Pregnant or Nursing Mother:


C5-C7, Elbow & Wrist: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Nursing Mother Neck, Neck/Upper back pain


T5/T6: Heartburn

T10-T12: Swelling in feet

Lower Back:

L3/L4, Sacrum & Coccyx: Morning sickness

L3 & Sacrum: Heartburn, Leg cramps

L1/L2, L3/L4 & Sacrum: Constipation

L5-S1: Disc Herniation, Low back pain, Sciatica

Coccyx: Hemorrhoids

Pubic Bone: Pubic pain

What can nursing mothers, or new mothers, do to help ease back into a normal life, after delivery? Prior to returning to routine personal care, at least one postpartum evaluation is recommended before the ligaments around the pelvis tighten. Usually this occurs at 2-4 weeks.

The conditions that can be effectively treated by chiropractic care is endless. Those benefiting from chiropractic care continues to rise as more and more people discover the importance of good spinal health. Make an appointment by to talk to Dr. Latrice about your complaints.